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April 30, 2012

I’m Martha Fucking Stewart

by Robyn

Well….not really. I’m more of the anti-Martha Stewart, as in I can’t cook. My past attempts have seen me forgetting major ingredients in cookies, adding way too much butter to homemade mac & cheese (that was a boiling hot buttery mess), as well as screwing up a “just-add-water” recipe. However, since I’ve started tracking my calories using the myfitnesspal app, learning how to cook is something that has been really important to me. I’m 25, it’s about time I learn to make something other than pasta or chicken caesar salads.

Last week, I was mystery gifted a slow-cooker by someone at work. Whoever gave it to me must have heard me talking about wanting one, because Tuesday morning I had gift bag sitting in my office.

So after watching various videos on youtube, I put my slow cooking skills to the test Sunday. I slow cooked myself a pork butt to make some tasty pulled pork sandwiches. Playing it safe since it was my first time, I just cut up a red onion and added a container of chicken stock, some salt & pepper and set it to a low simmer while I went to work.

Nine hours later I pulled out the pork butt, shredded it, smothered it in Dr. Pepper , piled it high onto two hamburger buns and dug in. So tasty. Definitely something I will be cooking again in the future.

My skills are still very basic. Mixing spices scare me. I considered doing a pork rub, but sadly I don’t trust myself to do it right. I also don’t think I had all the necessary ingredients, like mustard powder or cayenne. I’m more a salt & pepper, seasoning salt kind of gal.

I have been successful in a few other meals as of late. In the past month I’ve made stir-fry multiple times. It’s simple, allows me to load the dish with healthy vegetables, add beef or chicken, and choice of noodles or rice. I can also mix it up when it comes to the types of sauces I want to use, be it teriyaki, orange ginger or barbecue.

I picked up the recipe off the internet the other day for bacon wrapped chicken. This is a dish I’ll definitely be making again. It was so moist with a nice crispy. Not exactly “healthy” but it’s home cooking, and far better than me ordering pizza.

Cooking a lot more the last month has been really challenging, but also really rewarding for me. Since taking on the no spend challenge, I’ve had to be more creative because I can’t just pick up Subway on my way home from work anymore. This next month is going to be fun with my new slow cooker and I can experiment with different recipes.

Oh yea, I also cooked rice for the first time last week. That’s how I roll.

Have you ever really messed up a recipe? What’s your favourite dish to cook?