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June 29, 2011

Meeting people on the road

by Robyn

I love talking to travellers, like-minded individuals, who I can really connect with. None of my friends can really connect with that aspect of who I am, nor  do they share similar travel passions to the degree that I do. Several of my friends have never travelled. Or if they have, it’s one of two extremes.

They’re either the luxury travel type staying at all-inclusive or nice hotels. Not the type who are even willing to stay in a hostel, let alone camp. Or they are the polar opposite. Friends who have been in various bands for years and travelled all over the country on tour, living in a van. Too bad everyone I know who’s done the latter has pretty much retired from living that life. My current boyfriend is paying his way out of debt from having lived that life in his early 20’s.

While I was in Toronto I met a really adorable couple at my hostel over breakfast. We made the usual casual travel chat “where are you from?” “where are you travelling?” etc, etc.

On my way out of the hostel that day, I left them, (Charlie and Mark), my phone number and email address, and told them to hit me up if and when they came through Winnipeg. I would give them a place to shower and if necessary, somewhere warm to crash for the night.

I was pleasantly surprised to open up my email on Monday evening to see an email from Charlie letting me know they were going to be arriving in the city on Tuesday and were hoping I could lend my shower. So of course I said yes, and email them back immediately.

They were at my place last night for about 3 hours. They showered and we chatted about our travelling experiences, and shared movies from our hard drives. I’ve been unable or for the most part, unwilling (aka: scared) to live and travel the way I want to, so it’s always gives me a little boost to talk to people who are currently on the road.

Charlie and Mark, I envy them. Charlie herself has lived, worked and travelled all over the world. Originally from England, she’s lived and worked in France, Denmark, Greece, Australia and Canada. She’s travelled to South East Asia and has done the coast to coast Canada tour thing once already. And now she and her fiance are doing it again.

When I met them, they had just landed in Toronto and were looking to purchase a van with which to travel the country. They have since purchased a van, converted into their home and have travelled from Toronto to the far east coast, then back across Canada en route to Vancouver to cherry pick for the summer. Then they are going down the west coast where Mark is meeting family in Las Vegas while Charlie will be joining up with two other travellers and continuing south for the Burning Man festival.

Talking to these two was invigorating. I am so excited to put more money into savings so that one day I’ll get on the road and pursue my dreams of long-term travel. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll befriend an amazing travel companion, but if not, I’ll be just fine on my own. For the present time I can revel in the fact that I have new travel friends and connections in far off places.

May 30, 2011

I never win anything

by Robyn

It true. Very rarely do I win things. Or when I win things, it’s usually not anything that I really, really, wanted. It’s more along the lines of I entered to win it because, well, I like free stuff. Free is always better than having to dish out the cash for something.

A few weeks ago, while bored at work (which is quite often), I entered a variety of online contests for free travel stuff. I kept my fingers cross that I would get a call or an email informing me that I’d won an all expenses paid trip somewhere. Anywhere for that matter!

I didn’t quite get a free trip, but I did win a copy of the new book “the lost girls” by the gals from I quick email reply with my mailing address, and a week later I got a crisp new copy of this 500+ page gem from Harper Collins.

Only today am I finally getting a chance to start reading. I’m looking forward to the 500 page read as it will not only push me to save more money for future travels, but it will help me reach my goal of reading over 10,000 pages in 2011.