My name is Robyn. I live in the slurpee capital of the world, and recently reclaimed Murder Capital of Canada.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It’s not. Well, not really.

Where I live it’s boring. The music scene has gone down hill. The best music venue in the city has been closed for months. With more closing every day.

We have 8 months of winter. Do you know what a -45 windchill feels like? It’s FUCKING cold.

There are some bright sides to where I live. My whole family lives here, all seven of us. And we own a sweet lake front cottage.

It’s really cheap to live here too. If you can get an apartment. Our vacancy rates are below 1%.

I live on my own. I work 60+ hours a week. I work full-time for a hotel chain and I serve on the side. I make crap money. But it’s ok, I’m good with money.

And I’ve been doing something else with my money. I’ve been saving. A lot. My relationship with money is weird. Sometimes, it seems to appear out of nowhere. Not that I’m complaining.

I paid off my $14,000 car in less than a year. I’ve put an additional $4000 into savings since then. I’m saving to travel.

So when will I travel? That’s up in the air. It seems that everyone decided 2012 is the year to get married. Also I’m a scared little shit.

I’m scared to move out of my apartment.
I’m scared to sell all of my belongings.
I’m scared to leave my friends.
I’m scared to travel solo.

But I’m sure I’ll eventually get over my fear.
Unit then, I shall plan, save, spend, and blog.


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