The Royal Affair

by Robyn

I set my alarm this morning for 3:00am. I must say that I’m thankfull that I hit the snooze button for an hour. I didn’t go to bed until 12:30 and damn am I tired.

I’m not someone who’s obsessed with the Royals, but I look at it this way. A wedding, of this size and “importance” won’t happen again for another 30 years. Yes, I’m sure Prince Harry will eventually get married himself, but sadly, no one will really care.

I remember where I was when 9/11 happened and when MJ died. This event, as silly as it may be, is another one of those worldly events. So when people ask me “did you get up to watch the wedding?” and I will be able to say, “yes I did.”

I dragged my sorry ass out of bed at some ungodly hour of the morning, just in time to see the Britsh Prime Minister David Cameron enter the church, followed by the Beckham’s, and of course the arrival of Prince William and Harry.

If I’m any good at reading lips, I’m pretty sure I caught Harry asking William “are you ready?” as they entered ther church.

I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow because man will I be tired. But enough blogging, now to turn my attentions back to my tv and youtube channel to watch the wedding of the century.


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