A little goes a long way

by Robyn

As documented in my last few posts, in the last week and a half I have made a few trips to the bank to deposit my tip money that has been gradually accumulating in my tip jars since  late November, early December of last year. Without even trying to save (I was just stashing my tips because I didn’t want to carry large quantities of cash on me) I now have the grand total of my savings.

Dollar bills stuffed into my Coca-Cola mug = $740.00

Loose change collected in my coin jar = $386.00 (not including the remaining change that cannot be rolled)

In total I managed to save $1126.00 in tips from serving WITHOUT EVEN TRYING!

In that last 30 days, without depositing any additional money that I have earned from pay cheques, I have been able to deposit $1221.25 into my travel savings account (I got a GST cheque for $95.25 that I deposited last week).

How does that even happen? Over $1000!!!

Having not realized that I had this much money just sitting my bedroom waiting to be counted and banked is such a weight lifted off me. The loose change that I just deposited is enough to cover the cost of my round trip ticket to Toronto in the next few weeks. A cost I was rather upset about because I had never originally planned to pay out of pocket for, instead I was going to use credit card loyalty points. From saving my tips last year (my tip jar then having been dubbed the tattoo fund), the cost of my tattoo is already covered. The only expenditures now that I have to concern myself  with is setting a realistic budget for food and accommodations while in the city.

Next week will mark less than 3 weeks until I’m in Toronto so it’ll be the perfect time to start making phone calls to find out where I’ll be staying.

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