A servers tip jar

by Robyn

My original plan was to take my tip jar to the bank and get them to do the work of sorting my change. However, I’m impatient and the banks hours suck. I work 9 – 5:30, so getting to the bank when they are open is difficult. Especially when the bank that has one of those change counting machines is a 20 minute drive. And the one day they were open late this week, I had to get to my part-time job by 6.  So that didn’t really leave time for a cash count detour. So since I did absolutely nothing last night except for sleep on the couch, I’m well rested, got up early this morning and was anxious to keep my hands busy. So I poured out the change jar in the middle of the floor and started rolling.

Less than a half hour later, I’ve sorted and rolled about 90% of the jars contents. I need 2 more loonie rollers to complete all that can be rolled. I’ve done a rough count and I have just over $380.00!!!! That’s $80 more than I had guessed a few days ago. I’m going to be really happy taking this to the bank and depositing it into my savings.

Do you put your spare change into a “change jar”?

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